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Lost Poem

That's Me

Lunch Time Read

Odd Circumstances: The Play Scene One: She exited the taxi. Looking at the large apartment complex, she had to shield her eyes from the...

That Boat Life

It has been a incredible journey. I went to Europe twice now for my Christmas pre Covid. Now I am looking to go back. One thing I sort...

The Meaning Of Life

Don't wait for time. Make it. Don't wait for love. Feel it. Don't wait for money. Earn it. Don't wait for the path. Find it. Don't wait...

Work In Progress

I'd like like to say, happy birthday to my brother. He turns 33 today. Yeah. That was nice and aprt of today's topic. Improving oneself...

Caring So Much It Hurts

I feel so deeply. Is that empathy? I am so intune with my feelings and those of others. I care. This isn't a weakness. I just feel more...

Wanna feel like CRAP??

Easy, be a person of color and a minority in the gay world. I had a awesome and productive week. Perspective is a bitch. She can make you...

We Rise

Covid Weight Gain

We all gained weight. If you didn't, good for you. You are a unwelcomed dedicated health addict and that use to be my identity. No...

Liar and Thieves

This topic is something we have all faced at one point or another in our lives. It use to be that integrity and a person's word meant...


Welcome to the Future.


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