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Down and Chasing

you took me to ecstasy in that dark room

no don't stop was all i could say

just finish, and when u did i was overpowered and hornier then before

and don't tell me your name

it is better this way, no expectations when i don't even know you

you did what you came her for, now go away

i love what you just did to me, but that is it

this was a one night stand, my first but still i think i know the game

sex, no information and never speak again

check on all, as he walked away disappointed

i think, why did i just have sex with a stranger

not bad sex, fantastic actually and in public

which made it even more passionate

oh, right to be young and wild

well it is college, tell me why we meet two days later?

you walked threw my doors. so my dream fantasy materialized

well through the doors of my job

and i saw you spot me

your spirits lifted, and that smile appeared

i had to have u back in me, the way it was

fantastic, complete, and craving more

once again you too me to another level

thank god for yoga, cuz in that janitors' closet

my leg here, ur thigh there

a hot mess, but the kind were we didn't care

i knew there would be consequences

this was no longer a one night stand, since we exchanged names and numbers

and i got yelled at for vanishing for two hours

well about two, we stopped for air

and then i pounced, and boy was it amazing

now, three days later

we are meeting regularly for mind blowing sex

and now, you want to know me

i think you have fallin', my heart is cold and i am frigid

NIGGA you a FAIL, cuz i thought we were just benefits not friends

and here i am at your house, having sex with you again and your hands wrapped around me

i dont sleep that night, you left me grabbing the sheets

and trust me when i say, you have been told, "don't stop"

wow, is all i said when you left

then it got rough, i replied again and again

me wanting you, and at last you must return to your home

business trip over, my executive banker gone

in my mind, i am left chilled without you in my spare hours

but you ask me if i wanna visit? i am .....

walking away, i don't know your game

i wont be apart of ur life

i was left dead for two weeks, and when u called

my heart skipped a beat, i don't breathe

i almost passed out holding my breathe talking to you

i need you, boy was i a fool tryin' to start one night stands

i was left in love with you, and together our life started

why did i change skools? why am i moving in with you?

why do i wrote thirty pages a night, why do you cook for me in the mornings

and for dinner i am the main course and desert is a healthy meal prepared by me

we fit perfectly, this cant be

so i broke it off, move out

and returned home, you were my other half

and i thought a lie, so i let you go

when i realized it, we hadn't spoke in years

i played myself for you, and you are with another

wow, my life is over

death is all that remains

work is pointless, writing is a memory in the past

i wrote my last words to tell you i made the mistake not you

and live your life in love with him

boy was that last line vengeful

well who gives a FUCK i wont be around for reparations

i am buried in the dirt, thinking what the fuck?

i killed myself over you and you with him

shit, that was stupid

how tragic? well that was six years of my life

or the end, anyways

good luck boys and girls

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