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Old Short Story

Debating Reality

Sitting in class, slightly daydreaming as the air conditioner pushed cool air on his bare arms. Aiden McClover was sure he hadn't heard the math lecture. That was his best subject, so he cares if he nodded off and didn't take notes on Trig. Aiden was six foot even and slightly muscular built. Sure he worked out, he use to run track in high school now he just wrestled and on the side played basketball with the team at school.

Aiden was a student at UCLA, and a resident drifter. He had no idea what his major is. Still undeclared, but what did he care, he wasn't paying the bill. Rich folks took care of that but he was far from spoiled. Aiden had two part time jobs, but he didn't have to worry about school. His father and mother agreed a good education should be free, so rather then make him pay; he got to go for free. Aiden wasn't like your typical college junior, who was taking every class that caught his attention.

He had already backpacked across Europe, vacationed in Brazil, and attended school all over the global. Yes, having rich parents had afforded Aiden the best education and opportunities around the world. There was only one problem, that he had an annoying voice in his head. No, he wasn't crazy even if he was the only one that heard Jarrett. Jarrett was a special friend, or whatever you wanted to call him. He could be a ghost, angel, or a figment of a overactive imagination. So growing up, you can only guess why he has attended schools all around the world.

Clearly his parents thought it strange that their gifted son was talking to himself. Aiden told his parents he wasn't talking to himself, but the young guy in all black. His parents thought he was playing a game, so they went along with it for seven weeks. After that, they wanted him to stop, so off to the therapist he went. The old balding doctor couldn't help, so Aiden didn't talk to Jarrett as frequently. Maybe a change in location might help so young ten year old Aiden left his home in New York for Paris, then Japan, before finally Spain. School was good since he continued to make exceptional marks and spoke of Jarrett less and less.

The truth was Jarrett never left, but he learned to filter what he said. How to act around certain people watching him, hoping he'd slip and make a mistake. They wanted to put him away if he wasn't fit and sane to run his parents' company when he got older. Aiden came back to the United States at 15, and back to normal life and now had a desire for sports. Of course his parents were more thrilled he was acting normal. Life had never been hard for Aiden, but he was very smart. High intelligence and at with a GPA out of this world. He tested in Advanced Placement and Honors classes in high school. Now a student at UCLA, after turning down his dream school at Cornell.

Love was the reason he fled his favorite city, not the talking voice. Not immediately at least, but Jarrett was also more then a voice. He was a tall as Aiden, he had curly black hair. Whereas Aiden's was sandy brown and wavy. Jarrett was white like Aiden, but there was a age difference. Jared had been 24 when he died, and Aiden was 22 years old. Aiden was considering majoring in Business and History. If his job as his father's protégée sucked or didn't work out. He'd go and be a teacher somewhere to help enrich the lives of students all around the world. Who wanted to seriously follow in their parent's foot steps? How boring, it was like you were coasting through life to please someone else.

Aiden was no hand licker, he did like he wanted and won't submit to a lifeless existence as a puppet in his very own life. That sat deep with him, something his family valued was honor and integrity. His mom was no homemaker either, she was CEO of the company, where as dad was the president. Sure huge titles but it was really sharing the company, and dividing the branches by location and their skills. Things seemed to work out good for then, that is a office romance. Too bad the same couldn't be said with Cindy, and the reason he left his beloved city behind. The past was dead and buried no need to dig it up.

A voice told him opposite, and there was Jarrett looking smug. Jared may be dead, but he was confident for a walking ghost. I didn't know what to call him because from my research on spirits were invisible to the human eye. He wasn't a guardian angel, because he had a bad sense of direction, yet alone advice. That was the ironic part of our unique but unknown connection. He also was sarcastic, so guess how well telling jokes from a unknown joke went well. Not so I can't tell you how nice it is to pick his brain, I didn't really pick his brain but we did have a very instinctive conversation on all topics.

When he wasn't by my side talking my ear off, he traveled the global and read books. How did he get there, I asked once. He replied with my mind and that was a so full of it answer I ever heard. And as for the reading part, the dead could levitate objects, but I seen him in action. Just touch a book and it was like he memorized the book, a gift I wouldn't mind during finals time. Anyway I jogged outta class to my apartment before I had the graveyard shift at the gym. Best job ever, might I tell you. It was dead at night, so I caught up on my sleep, homework, recreational reading, my drawing, jerking-off, or simply Netflix. When I slept who watched the gym?

Simple, my ghostly friend. Not so friendly or pleasantly either. Jared was no Casper, complaining about stopping his fun. He once told me night time is sex time, so pepping Tom time. What else can a ghost do with immortality, and lack of needing sleep? Can't say I blame the guy, good thing I had Marybeth. She was a blond playmate beauty, where as Cindy was a brunette natural babe. Both amazing, one the current girlfriend and the other a big part of my past. Not to difficult to who was which, as he lounged at his desk.

The gym was dead, so instead of watching the front desk like he job required. Aiden went and got his work out on; the eerie silence overwhelming with the smell of sweat filled his nostrils. There was something reassuring about the gym, a basic concept of going, working out, and leaving. His routine may change, but the feel of coming home hadn't. This was his home, as he finished his work-out with a four mile run. He dashed to the locker to shower quickly, at three am it was dead but soon guest would be filling in the gym. After showering, while drying off Aiden swore he heard someone call his name.

That was impossible, so he just sat in the locker room for a moment, listening for any signs of a whisper. Not a peep, so all in his head while he applied his deodorant. Once he dressed faster then usual, headed out the locker room for the front entrance. While cleaning his ears with a q-tip, a soft voice said help. That startled him, so Aiden could talk to Jared. That was it, the only undead being he had contact with so he wasn't so "I see dead people" guy. He researched everything he could on communicating with the dead and psychic abilities, and the closest he came to understanding was a book on Mediums. That is what they called someone who talked to the dead, but he only had the one ghost and that was plenty.

Jarrett was annoying, but he grew up with the guy so more like an invisible older brother. It was strange, but what if one day he woke up and Jared was gone. He had wanted to get rid of the guy, especially in his awkward teenage days. And don't get me stared on trying to have sex and wondering would a undead friend pop up. That caused his anxiety; into he finally sat down and spoke with Jared. They set some boundaries, so in comparison their unique but strange relationship was solid.

Aiden didn't think twice about Jared leaving anymore, since he did help me pass my SAT's. My score was 1585 and my outstanding GPA gave me free range to any school in the world. Each night we would review for hours, so people ignored me talking to myself because they were also preoccupied about passing. Every person I knew had a tutor, specialist, or study session to ace the test. Sadly so did Cindy, who in the end only managed a reasonable 1390. She was depressed, so each night we'd explore a new sexual adventure. Wow, what a woman but not as wonderful as Marybeth.

To compare the two is insulting, but I am a guy so how else do I know what I like. Marybeth is like a steak and seafood, special but always fulfilling. Whereas Cindy is like roast beef, not so unique and kind of average but what you are use to. I just compared the two most important relationships I had to dinner, but in all honesty how I saw them. Love was simple for me, I adored them both and had fun with each. I wasn't plan on marrying Marybeth or Cindy, so who cared about comparison. Dating Marybeth was just what I had at the moment, maybe a third and even more impressive chick will come all.

Sure Marybeth was a ten, but could use more cleavage. The sexy, sultry Cindy was full in the breast department and sexually adventurous but lacks goals. She was easily manipulated by her parents, and the asshole I stole her from. Sure I could have a plenty of chicks with all the money at her disposal. Cindy never cared about my money, so that set her apart from more than half my high school. she wanted thrills, sex, and attention- all of which I gave her. Enough of the past, time to check in the guests. Unexpectedly Jared appeared, like out of a shadow. It wasn't a poof of grimstone like in Xmen, or a pop like magic. The shadows could make one see things, so if you look back there he was.

I never in all my life saw him step out of the shadows, or anybody else but I knew that is how he managed to visit me. Visit is a light way of saying; bug the hell out of me at almost every inconvenience time. It was like the guy knew when I was going to jerk off, take a shower, screw Marybeth, or simply take a shit. And he wouldn't come back, like I imagine an annoying old brother might do. He did know about sex, which thanks to our conversation six years ago only made me more popular. But I never could jerk off in complete bliss or shit without wondering if I would hear hey, you almost done? Life had slowly but surely been worked out, and living with a ghost wasn't such a pain. Sure it was an inconvenience, but Aiden got use to Jarrett's unexpected visits.

He had anticipated a few; the guy was an interesting person. For instances, he knew details about his death and the life he had lived. He hadn't shared much about his past, but Aiden suspected it was the pain of losing everything he cared about. His family and a newborn daughter that was growing up without her father had to be tough. Aiden looked at the Italian ghost, wondering what it was like to grow up in that environment. He himself was culture-less as an all American white guy. He wondered could he watch his family grow up without him, and stick around afterward.

Aiden wasn't a religious man, but he felt GOD must be a cruel bastard. To allow the dead to walk around aimlessly for years, watching you're loved ones grow, be in pain, ad be powerless to help. Yes, God either was uncaring or like his mom believed, there was simply no God. He may not believe in much, but there had to be a God or some other higher power. If life was pointless, then why live at all. Jared looked sad, so Aiden did something he hadn't offered since college. To hang out, a guy's night in which case Aiden looked insane talking to himself. Over the years, he learned to communicate telepathically.

That was cool to think something and his ghost friend could respond. The mere force behind Jared, showed Aiden that God existed and there was meaning to everything. A night cheering up a ghost, was easier said then done. Maybe it was Jimmy Carey, or a sexy Cameron Diaz that helped while watching the Mask. Pizza was for Aiden, who got it loaded with veggies and mushrooms. The smell was potentate and Jared complained. How the hell could a ghost smell anything was beyond Aiden's comprehension. Maybe the memory of food was stroke the assault of smell and taste buds.

That night Aiden dreamed of how he first noticed he could control Jared. No control was over-pushing it, he could call him with his emotions. Like when scared, the ghost had first showed up and sooth his fear. Why a ghost could calm him down, whereas talking to the undead didn't unease him was way too complicated. Why couldn't Aiden do something nice for Jarrett Gilano? Track down his family; possibly give them some resemblance of peace after all these years of pain. Light internet search, thanks to Goggle he found them easily enough. He quickly showered, to anxious to sleep and drove to North Hollywood.

Starbucks steaming hot, sipping his hot mocha and wondering what he would say. Stepping out of his car, a breeze slammed his face and causing a chill to run down his back. Was this a good idea, and how would Jared react to this new development into his past. Having to erase Jarrett from his mind, before he accidentally summoned him and ruined the shocking surprise. Tension built up in his body. Sipping the dark liquid, to warm his body, he walked across the streets to the address he searched. Each step weighting him down, knowing things were forever about to change.

Aiden could have turned around, forgotten what he knew, and no one would have been the wiser. No, he owed his life to Jarrett so why not al least try. Regret wouldn’t be apart of his life. The pavement sounded heavy as he got closer to the door, still unsure what he was going to say. The door opened and a beauty he hadn’t imagined stepped on the porch. She was wearing no make-up; rob slightly hanging off her shoulder. She was perfection; olive colored skin and a mix of greenish blue irises that made him lose all rational thoughts.

This siren wasn’t shocked to see him there; she just stared at him for a moment. She asked was he the one, her words through him off balance. He had expected a ton of questions, but not what she just asked. Her full lips perked up into a grin, he was blushing when his coffee slipped from his hand. Splash, her gaze dropped and as if slow motion ended her was back to reality. What had just happened? It was like she caught him in her gaze.

His mouth, mind and heart belonged to her in that moment. Without thinking, he reached for her hand and introduced himself. All thoughts and promises of Marybeth vanished when Victoria Gilano said her name. Her voice was like a liquid crystal Don per Avon. Her smile gleamed, and he knew her touch would entrap him. Just as fast as he touched her, he pulled back his touch and all the lust vanished.

Well most of it, her gaze was still memorizing. How can such a beautiful creature be in one person, when he got a nauseating feeling? What was he saying, this was Jarrett’s daughter. She was t\twenty-three years old. How could he be having these feeling for his ghost’s daughter? Now Aiden needed to retreat, but she asked him that question again. Was he the one, so he simply answered no and walked away with her staring at him dumb-founded. Aiden speed off once in his car, leaving Victoria wondering what just happened.

The next twenty-four hours was a pain, he couldn’t keep her face from his thoughts. Those full lust lips, amazing hour glass body, or those emerald eyes. He didn’t much believe in destiny or fate or any of that stuff, but here he was thinking of a woman he barely knew. Sitting along the beach, waiting for Marybeth to get off work so they could go on a date. Jarrett appeared and didn’t look like he was in the best of moods. Aiden had to wonder, did he know and how upset was he.

The ghost looked him straight in the eyes before announcing that he had a divine revelation while skiing the ecosystem. That always intrigued Aiden that Jarrett could travel anywhere with a thought, but preferred to sight see the earth and all the ramifications that pollution caused. It turns out if Jarrett hung out in the after-life, or his own version of it, he got special visions of what would be.

That is how he knew Aiden would move to California and meet the love of his life. Like Aiden would ever believe any of that, but things did have a strange way of working themselves out. The vision was about his daughter, she was in danger and he needed Aiden to prevent anything bad from happening to her. This was not going to be as easy as he had originally thought, and now Jarrett was pushing her on him.

What about Marybeth, how was he to deal with his sudden absence. Jarrett was suspicious which was obvious the moment he mentioned Victoria’s name and Aiden reacted. It was as if he knew he visited his daughter, but that was impossible. To be honest, having a dead ghost around since childhood seemed pretty unlikely but that was still the case. Aiden decided to come clean and tell Jarrett everything, which was the only solution to his dilemma.

Sure he was mad, but the ghost wouldn’t harm him or would he. No, Jarrett wasn’t thrilled but appreciated the gesture of kindness. So the plan was to try and get to know Victoria, for he can have easier access guarding her. Aiden was in no way ready for this challenge, but what other choice did he have. First thing first, he had to tell Marybeth what was going on. She didn’t know everything, but knew he had psychic situations come up from time to time.

A quick bit to go and promises for a romantic evening, help sooth things over with her. Jarrett felt he didn’t love her and just wanted her for sex. That was far from true considering their work schedule, so they rarely got to see one another. Maybe he didn’t love her the way he had with Cindy, but he cared for her greatly. Now with this concern revolving in his head. Aiden had to wonder should he be with Marybeth? On his drive to Victoria’s house, a car was pulled over on the side of the road.

Naturally Aiden got out helping the gentleman with his car troubles. He offered to jumpstart the car for him, when he got shocked and pasted out. When he awoke, he was transparent and fell light-headed. While he looked around, everything was much brighter and no one was in eye sight. What had happened, could he be dead. Before he could really ponder his mortal life and death, Jarrett appeared. This wasn’t the most convenient time, yet possibly he was still alive and he had hope.

It seems his body got shocked, allowing his soul to travel. Jarrett has to quickly show Aiden what needs to happen before he returns to his body. That was a huge relief that Aiden was alive, or he didn’t know what he would have done. Jarrett followed Aiden as they walked down the deserted street, wondering should he tell him what he was ordered to reveal. Did he want his lifelong friend, almost like his very own son to be with his only child?

In some ironic way, maybe God did have a special plan for all of them. This probably was the most important thing he could do in his after life, since being dead. Sure he had spent his life helping Aiden but now this was true test of what he was capable of. Tears welled up as they said farewell, their journey was through and they hugged when Jarrett vanished. Aiden was crying when he awoke in the hospital, wondering if it had all been a dream. When Marybeth arrived, he had the sad realization that he had to end things with her. She was sad, but things weren’t working out between the two.

Days had gone by, but Jarrett didn’t appear so if must have really happened. Aiden had the burning desire to go see Victoria and talk to her. She had to know her father had loved her, watched her all these years, and that he wanted to take her out. Once he was sure that Jarrett wasn’t coming back, he knew this was the right thing to do. Outside of her house, while figuring out what he was going to say, a sudden knock startled him. He jumped, but smiled when he say it was Victoria.

She was in workout clothes, fresh sweat dripping down her temple and still she looked radiant. That smile seemed to turn Aiden’s mind to mush, but her eyes just froze his body. He jumped out the car, and he stood four inches over foot as their eyes locked. Before he knew it, they were kissing and it was like they were one being. Aiden knew love, but this felt deeper and more richer.

His soul was tied forever to hers’, and now he knew what Jarrett was trying to tell him. Jarrett had been brought into his life, to see that one day he would be with his only daughter. This was his true love not, Cindy or Marybeth. He knew that now, and everything else would work itself out.

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