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Self Care

What does it mean to take care of oneself? This is something I had to grow and learn to do for me. Taking time to reflect on what I need. What I mean to me? My self-esteem is high due to loving myself. This is not the same as self care. To make sure I am well rested. Checking in with myself, am I doing the best for me. Health wise and emotional well-being are valid and important steps. This is especially true during the pandemic. Making sure one is changing their environment. The best way to do this is a quick walk around the block. It helps boost endorphins, move with cardio that helps circulation, and natural vitamin D. All of these things are good for the body. It is also important to self-check are you taking care of your own needs. Rather that be taking a nap, daily showers to feel human, masturbation, date nights with you wear your favorite sweatpants and pig out on ice cream. No judgment. All of these things can be refreshing. Hell, a bath can do wonders for the muscles and the mind. Take a book in there, read. The bathroom is the most therapeutic place ever! It is a place where great ideas are born. One can poop and text. L O L! Don't forget to take care of yourself and your needs.

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