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With each passing day love dimenishesBlame cupid for interfering with my hopes n dreams.Time is endless, and there is no kind of remedy to this whole where my heart use to be.I rock a middle finger daily, because I don't give a fu**?

Flames ignite when a kiss is shared and promises made never realized.Failing to live up to a fantasty, we can not dare to find joy.I am disturbed by exclaimations of love from those who lives involve fighting, vices of sin, or plain cruelty..Love is a four letter word thrown around like a ball in a game.

Feel free to stop me if I am over simplifying the truth.I got you pegged, don't deny you wear a facade and someone has finally shattered that mask you wear proudly. Laying here reciting these words, the truth grows more vivid and your lies are easy to spot.

Dreams and hopes disintergrate daily when the sun rises and denying the truth is how fools jum through life.

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