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You asked me to write. "Speak wha we seek, say what you want or desire." This is about agency. Taking actions to get the intentions we hope to create or build. "We see what we said," to me this is making lists to help us accomplish our goals to make our intentions or prayers a reality. It reminds me of the book the Secret. Visualize what we want, take action to get results. Most people ask or say something but don't take action to get the results the need or want. This was soemthing I saw at the gym quite often. Action is needed to get anything. I, myself, have a list. Pay off my car. That is my current goal. Once this is done, work on my credit and save to have the downpayment. It isn't difficult if you know what you want and wiling to make sacrifices to get it. Not going out as much. Saving, so not splurging on unnecessary things. This is all about what I am willing to do to get what I desire.

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