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This is David. My uncle. He is a man with mental disabilities. I do not like discussing his business for numerous reasons. It is private, he is family, I do not have his fully conscious awareness, and overall, it is no one's business.

We are on a trip. I watched him for five minutes waiting for the bathroom on board the plane as several people passed him and did not wonder why I was waiting. This made me angry. My mind immediately jumped to it must be a racial issue. As a Black man, we are seen differently, and sadly this is my lived experience and my lense in a lot of stuff.

We immediately help children. My uncle has the mind of a child and needed help. No one could be bothered to ask, did you need help or are you waiting for something? A simple question. I know times have changed.

As someone who grew up before the internet, we used to help one another. That was all he needed, help to open a door. Nothing more, nothing less. A kind gesture. I frustratedly got out of my seat to push the bathroom door open for him.

A lot of people watched this interaction silently, but realized he didn't know how to open the door. No one offered to help for five minutes, so why be bothered now. It breaks my heart the lack of compassion in this world.

We all say we are kind, but prove it. I never say this about myself. I just do. Action speaks volumes!!

As a man raised Christian, I help where I can. I don't expect a thank you for recognition, which is why I was shocked when I got it. See previous post, Revenge Against Success,

Kindness and compassion can be limitless if we all did our part. If you see something off or odd, do something about it. Just my two-cents.

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