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Baggage Stupidity

I don't know about you, but my travels always include wild exploitation that seem improbable. On my latest travels the airport left my bags in Miami. My question like yours is like how? If at LAX, I buy a check baggage pass or whatever you call it, I expect my bags should meet me at my final destination. This is to be expected, but half way. Half way is UNHEARD OF. Why would a person pay for partial arrival or the nuisance of leaving security to claim my bag and likely pay additional fees to arrive where I planned to go at a start of trip. Mind you, we are not talking about unexpected delays or natural weather disasters. Normal travel, keep this in mind. So I am expected to believe I paid for a partial trip ticket and don't want my luggage. Yep, the extraordinary almost always 70% or more happens to me, hence, the outrageous stories. Hopefully this is the last hiccup for this trip. I expect more just not multiple ones in one single trip.

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