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Who is right and whom is wrong? This is all about the perspective, or narrative of the person telling the story. The storyteller always puts themselves in a flattering light, but what if you are the one in the wrong. Then, how do you handle the situation than? I, myself, am a flawed human being. I want what I want. Am I malice? I try to not hurt and do something negatively due to the fact I wouldn't want the same ill treatment. Karma is a bitch as well. I am head-strong, stubborn, focused, driven, and direct. These don't sound like bad qualities, but depending on the circumstances, they can be. I have a lot to apologize for, but never my actions. I do so with the best intentions, but we all know the saying about good intentions. Let me re-phrase that, I do so without meaning harm. Does that mean I am a good person? Well, that is open for debate. Not meaning to do harm, does not excuse the actions. Saying something mean, but first saying, "No offense," is still hurtful. Words have power and how we use them affects others. This is a lesson I must remember moving forward. Only God can judge me. That saying is not very (I take agency/ accountability). A part of my solution is to hold the mirror to myself and take accountability. I am flawed. Make mistakes. I am sorry and vow to do better in the future. And, I hope to make amends for my past.

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