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Caring So Much It Hurts

I feel so deeply. Is that empathy? I am so intune with my feelings and those of others. I care. This isn't a weakness. I just feel more than some can, or willing to let themselves. Seeing others in pain is difficult. I dont like it. All I wanna do is assist. Fix it. This is tiring and something I've had to detach myself from doing. It is not my job to save everyone. Help, of course. Be there when I can without over extending myself, absolutely. There is however a limit and boundaries are needed. I can't let the world over power me because I care. Being empathic means I feel more deeply and that helps with my writing. A gift is meant to be shared, not used and abused. This is something I had to learn the hard way. By always be willing to help, I don't see myself being taken advantage of. Stay aware and put up necessary walls for those that don't deserve your help. I'll end there because this is a journey we all must take on our own.

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