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Covid Weight Gain

We all gained weight. If you didn't, good for you. You are a unwelcomed dedicated health addict and that use to be my identity. No longer. I love a cookie. Snacks. Yes I will see the dessert menu. I will not live with regrets. Death knows my number, but I do not. I enjoy life and fuck the scale! Going to meet a friend yesterday, this person was ashamed they gained weight. Why wouldn't you have? You been wearing sweats and stressing, so give yourself a break. Love thy extra curves, giggle and imperfections. One person's X is another's treasure. When I heard this phrase, my heart soared. It is true. Don't let others bring you down. We all have our insecurities, don't let them be the reason you aren't enjoying life. I have been heavy, fit, and now plain average. The number on the scale doesn't calculate my daily stress level, all the errands I accomplish, when I want a sweet, how often I work out, or if I am happy. We heard the phrase, money can't buy happiness. I dont know about that. Like Ariana Grande says, you must not have enough to find out. I dont so I can't say that is a fact, but I can clarify that rich people are also unhappy or unsatisfied. How much money will fill that hole where their heart is? Bill Gates makes millions and still ended up alone. Why? Who knows, but the point is we all got issues. Enjoy your life and don't compare yourself to others. Be you. You shine brighter when happier, this a fact. Your energy attracts the right ones. Remember that.

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