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CW Obsession

Six nights a week for their shows, but I am watching only five nights and ten shows, so a fan non-the-less. I love superheroes and action rather on the big screen or small screen. Thanks to Greg Berlanti and his production team, I can watch these riveting shows. I love the change from WB to CW. Sadly, the only show that survived that transition just ended, Supernatural for those not in the know. I am ecstatic to see Jarde Padelski go from Supernatural to Walker, a modern take on crime thriller so obviously I am addicted. Wednesday, or like I like to call it Murder Mystery Wednesday because Nancy Drew and Riverdale always brings the thrills and chills in the best way possible. I am here for the CW Spring 2021 line-up and all the shows that follow such as In the Dark, DC's Stargirl, and Roswell, New Mexico. These and their others shows are on my fan favorite. My nights are filled with a variety of shows, representation, and a culture were discrimination is not allowed. This is the network I would want to bring my stories to. Thanks for making an outsider feel welcome no matter his interests and love.

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