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Dear Reader, Welcome

Deandre Dean

11762 De Palma Rd

Suite C 407

Corona, Ca 92883

24th February 2021

Dear Reader,

Thank you for joining my blog. I want to interact with my audience. The best

ideas come from unexpected places. Let me know what you think of the books

or the art work. Hell, just send me a line if you like or dislike my work. Each

comment helps fuel my passion. No, I am not a perfectionist and no, I do not

regret anything I published. It is not polished or a work that is perfect. It, like

me, is flawed, wounded, and has battle scars (figuratively speaking). I am

grateful for my journey and all that I have experienced. I will periodically

update the blog with personal anecdotes, release dates, and grand prizes.

Nothing is special without you, the fans.


Deandre Dean

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