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Decisions on a Restless Night's Sleep

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Many times people have trouble sleeping. For me, this is a constant. A old friend who reappears without warning and doesn't care what my plans are. I wake up, annoyed mostly due to lack of mental rest. Sure I am focused, driven, and use to the madness; but some-days I just want to sleep. Let my thoughts pause, body rest, and creativity take a moment to recharge. This is never the case. Anxiety has no concern with my nights of five or more hours. Hell, that's considered a great night for some. For me, it is a bearable day. If I can get anything over seven hours, I am in heaven. I feel energized, ready to conquer the world. This is my truth. How do I handle things. I take a deep breath. Relax and hope I don't have to operate heavy machinery aka my car. Besides that, I have learn to accept my fate. I may not always be rested. Worrying over what I can not control won't help or aide me, so time to change my perspective. This is the main goal with handling things. Perspective. How can you change your reaction? Is it worth losing your mind over? Is it taking your energy away? These are the thoughts I consider when annoyed with my anxiety and tired body. I can move on, take it as a sign my body is tired but my mind needs focus. Make a list of things and prioritize what can be done later. Your body has a way of telling you to slow down, pay attention, and other little surprises. We just have to listen closely.

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