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Let me start by saying Depression is not a one size fits all. It affect each person different. I hate the saying, there is always someone else who has it worse then you. True, there is always someone who has similar or more pain. The downside to this saying, it invalidates or dismisses your pain. Pain is not exclusive to one person; it is a universal theme. Yes, I personally have my days were I do not want to get out of bed. That is one of the benefits of having pets if said person is responsible. I get out of bed for him, make sure he is taken care of which help shift my mood. This is why doctors recommend a pet. The same policy in A.A.; being of service helps get one out of their heads.

My main point of this particular blog was how someone else's comments effected my mood. I used music and a horror movie to dig myself out of a dark place. As a Pisces man, I am overly emotional and care what others think of me. I am trying to work on this trait. It is easier said, than done.

Long story short, I was doing something unethical. This brings up the subject of right and wrong in such a way that black and white is the correct way. That is not life. Life is messy and has exceptions to the rules. Without going into details I am cheating a broken system that with technology has affected the way I can do business. In the 90's, a rapper could sell his own CD out of his trunk. The police would not arrest him or her for this act. This same tenacity would result in confinement and fines.

How someone else was able to be successful is not the same today. This is why networking is key to success in most fields present-day. For example, as a writer I could have sent a inquiry letter to publishers thirty years ago and been a novelist without a problem. This is not the case today. Most publishing houses will not take outside authors unless we have millions of followers, a social presence, or high record sales. If I were an introvert, this would be unfair. Well, life is unfair. What a shitty saying! Same as pulling oneself up from their boot straps. This doesn't take into account roadblocks, discrimination, or societal barriers.

You don't like the race card, okay, let's remove that. Someone born in a third world country who wants to be successful does not worry about ethical restrains. If this theoretical person has to steal to eat, is this just? When one deals in absolutes, it

makes individual cases seem pointless.

This person is a parent. So if their child was raped or sexually assaulted, would the death penalty for the accuser be in favor or against. In that case, falsely accused people have been executed unjustly. So we live in a messy world were not everything can be done in right or wrong. What I am doing is being innovative with a broken system. Is it fair? 100% not, I see that. I understand morality, but if one wants to achieve their goals. Playing by the rules when not everyone does will get a person limited success.

So in summary, yes I am being unethical if want a black and white answer. The question should not be why I am doing an unethical task. We need to start asking WHY? What brought me to this point? Was there other options? When a person asks why instead of how was it done or who did it, we get at the root of the problem. This is where my reasoning is found. A broken system should not limit a person if they see a solution where they once were boxed in.

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