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Life is all about direction. They tell us to pick a path and don't diverge. For me, this was never simple, clear, or interesting. One path? Why just one? I loved Psychology, still do so I have a degree in the subject. I picked it to understand human nature to help fix the world in my own way. In some ways I feel like I have with therapy, advice, insight, empathy, and concern for others. Writing comes naturally for me in some ways, and a skill I have to work in/for in others. I got this talent from heartache and a history of spending my free time in a library regularly. Am I weird? Absolutely, my dad is a librarian so spending time around books is second nature to me. As I just turned 34, paths seems stupid not for lack of guidance or direction, but a road-map/ certainty. I thought I would be finished with the Torn Lineage series by now. Instead my muse has other ideas. My focus shifted towards writing a new story, Devotion. This does not mean I am done with one or the other, just a speed-bump along the way. A re-focus, shift in goals. Sometimes shifting one's focus can bring clarity and new understanding or meaning to an idea, topic, or subject. That is what I am doing and I love it. My path is not so linear but I love it. I am able to stop, reflect and refocus my energies and goals. So take my word for it, directions can lead to a goal/path, but the path taken can shift along the way. Be okay with that and let the universe guide you.

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