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Dream Casting

My favorite movie as I mentioned is the Breakfast Club, so with watching this movie dozens of time; I learned to casting and a good story can make or break a movie. For one, story -telling is all about character development or taking what we know and changing it. This is the most valuable free lesson I can give as a writer. Well, there are some actors who have that STAR quality. I saw Just My Luck with Lindsey Lohan and Chris Pine. Chris Pine was the dork with glasses at the start of the movie. At one point, he removes his glasses and the camera zooms in to his baby blue eyes. In Hollywood, this is like having the golden ticket. The first thought that crossed my mind, was he will be a leading man soon as some casting director sees him. Talent can be FAKED, but appearances are the golden standard. I've seen some actors, their entire career - meaning most movies they made, I bought to see if the spark that I saw in Chris Pine is in them. There are five actors who I saw in previous works that I think are legendary. Jonathan Tucker, if you don't know this name; you are missing out. He puts his all in all his projects. I mean it. Each movie or television show I have saw staring him, has been exceptional. This next one, is the ideal actress for my story Cyrosphere. I think of Aimee Carrero as my Ginger Solis. If I get the chance to work with this woman. Hell to the yeah, she is already a QUEEN. If you watch her credits on IMDB, then you know what I mean. We need more representation for Latinx community. My next leading actress is already to huge for my level of fame. Viola Davis is the one that gives her all in her work as well. When I say these words, you can see it in each performance she has given. It is never disappointing. The next is my personal champion. After his hardships with one network, he left and prosperity hit. Daniel Dae Kim is leading man. I knew it the minute I was watching LOST. Now, to see him present day as an actor and producer, I am not shocked or surprised at all. I am sure his old bosses see their loss and he is like KARMA blessed him. He is talented and hard- working. This man will be a great addition to any project you have him work on. The last, but not the least talented or the end of my exclusive most desire listed is Abigail Breslin. She is amazing!! Words do not describe how many times I can watch scream queens. Each actor on this show blew my mind. Thank you Ryan Murphy. I love your work and talent. This show highlights all the roles she has been cast-ed in one place. Comedy, horror and some action. I would be honored to work with any of these five talented individuals.

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