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The word dead can be defined by two parts or elements. I think of the word in terms of America. The right or wrong debate. The straight or gay argument. Either you are skinny or fat. People are poor or rich. Being black vs white is important. These are the dyads I picture. They aren't wrong or right, just narrow mindedness. I have an opinion and you can have one; yet, that doesn't mean we both can't be right. Right and wrong are defined by winning verses just expressing oneself. Does it matter if a person is straight or gay? If so, why do straight people have kids they can't have kids. In my mind, God put gay people here to help alleviate the number of breeders in the room. The same for weight, as long as you (a person) is happy. It shouldn't matter your weight. The things we focus on are not that important. With time and wisdom, we see it. Live a life you are happy of. Proud to have made a difference. That is all. Peace.

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