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Final Moment: Romanctic Goodbye

He awoke with the clock radio playing Adele. Wilson smiled as the melody came on, he threw the duvet off himself. The cold wintery air made him shiver as gooseflesh appeared on his arms. Wilson rubbed his arms to give them heat. He got up and strolled to the bathroom to relieve himself. After washing his hands, he brushed his teeth and washed his face before heading downstairs. Wilson needed to make coffee to get his day started. The caretaker Delia would be here soon, so he prepared the tea for his uncle Roger as his own coffee finished brewing. That aroma awoke every molecule in his body. He yawned as he opened the kitchen's curtain to see Miguel doing the landscaping. Wilson waved, opened the window, "Coffee will be done in a minute, if you want a cup." "I'm good, thanks though," Miguel responded. Wilson nodded, closed the window to fight off the nippy breeze. A few moments later, Wilson carried a tray upstairs to the master suite. The tea, toast and boiled eggs were good fiber for his uncle. When he pushed the door slightly open with his butt, his back was turned so that he didn't notice anything was wrong. Wilson nearly dropped the tray when he saw how pale Uncle Roger was. "Stay calm," kept replying in his head. Wilson put the tray on the nightstand. He pulled out his phone from his banana shaped pajamas, called 9-11 and he checked Roger's pulse with shaky hands. It was there. Thank God, but faint. He explained everything to the paramedics. Hours later, Wilson sat in the hospital, waiting. His mom, Amanda, refused to accept or love her dying brother because he was gay. That was so unheard of fifty years ago. The shame he brought to the family when he didn't marry as planned. The story goes, he was engaged to an heiress, but decided to follow his heart. It was a big scandal back in 1968. Those thoughts came to a halt as his father came down the hall towards him with his eyes wet. The man rarely cried, but his eyes were filled with tears. "Dad, don't cry. He is alive. They gave Roger something for the pain. He isn't in pain. It will be okay. The doctors say he has a few hours at best," Wilson replies. This is all my fault. I shouldn't have let your mother stop me from loving him. He is family. This is foolishness. So much time wasted. I am glad you got to know him in spite of her. I need to call Sidney," his father walked off before Wilson could ask. Wilson sat back down and wondered, who was this Sidney his dad was speaking about. Uncle Roger had never mentioned her. The next day. Wilson held Uncle Roger's hand and spoke to him as he awoke, smiled and fell back asleep. Sidney came with his dad and an older man. It turns out Sidney was the heiress that Roger left at the altar all those years ago. She was 79 years old, as dad escorted her to Roger' bedside. The man beside her, didn't look in the direction of Roger. This must be her husband. It was like he was avoiding eye-contact at all cost. Roger seemed to sense them, as he awoke and smiled when he gazed at Sidney, "Sidney. Ian. Thanks for coming to visit an old man before he passes away." "Sure," the man, Ian responded and left the room before anyone else could speak. Sidney, "He'll be okay. Ian never got over my bond with you. Husband or not. Can you check on him please young man?" "Sure," Wilson got up and left. Down the hall, Ian was panting in the doorway. As Wilson approached, Ian looked over his shoulder,"I'll be back in a minute. I just needed a second to catch my breath." "No rush. It looks like Sidney is catching up with Uncle Roger. Glad ya was able to come visit," Wilson declared. Ian rolled his eyes, "Sure, catch up. Old friends." "What's your problem?" Wilson demanded. Ian, "You wouldn't get it." "Try me. He is dying, so this won't be going on long. Please. Tell me," Wilson snapped. Ian broke out in tears. Not the response Wilson was hoping for. Ian, "We were lovers and I had to marry Sidney or else. The consequences were dire. I had to do it, or his sister would have.." Ian pauses as he stares at Wilson. Wilson, "You need to say goodbye to Roger in private." "That would be great," Ian wiped the tears away. Wilson devised a plan before they walked into the room. Wilson asked his dad to help him escort Sidney downstairs for some tea while Ian and Roger caught up. Wilson never got a chance to see goodbye. The lights were going off, when they returned to the room. Uncle Roger had passed but he had a huge grin on his face. The aura around Ian was different too. He seemed happier and lighter without the worry of a life not lived. At least Ian and Roger got to have their final moment together. It was so romantic and sweet. Wilson hoped to have a love as epic someday.

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