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Flirting or just bad at dating

Flirting is the most constructive, creative, and imaginative thing a person can do. It is a skill that is not easily developed. Some can do it effortlessly. While others have to learn this skill to meet people. Now I have always been a talker, so flirting is more casual for me. The problem people think I am being in-authentic. This is were skill comes in handy. Taking a regular I love your smile to customizing it to the person so they feel unique, special, beautiful, and confident. Think before you speak. I will repeat that, think before you speak. Flirting can come off as smooth or creepy. It can be un-welcomed and the circumstances may be off. These are factors to consider. Don't flirt while someone is on a date, or for instances, at a funeral. Yeap folks, I have seen it. At the worst, you are embarrassed by their wrath. At best, they like it and it works out. No comments or opinions about that. Thoughtful shines through. Just remember that. Good luck and enjoy.

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