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Goth to Sparkly

Growing up, I loved to wear black and listen to music my parents still don't understand. I was definitely different. Sometimes I wondered was I switched at birth, not because there was lacking in love, just I was unusual. Or, that was the way I felt. Alone and different. That can be all children. Or, a special place for the LGBT and growing community. I don't use the other letters, not for lack of knowledge; but I want to highlight my age and my firm grasps. This old dog still learns and listens. As a bisexual identified male who is still not accepted in multiple communities, I don't subscribe to labels. Labels are for FOOD. That is my opinion and if you don't like it, guess what. It is personal, so move on. I love black and still do! I am a huge fan of Canada and Seattle. The cold and NY, places I would easily fit in. However, the flip-side is my body runs hot, so I might break a little sweat. That is just my body's way of saying hydrate me, but during the pandemic, the black I love, is minimal-ized these days. The goth in me is still alive. I love to visit strange and exotic places. My love of the dark, mystic, and unknown has not changed. So does this make me a life-long goth? Oh, and my favorite band is Three Days Grace. Hello, Canadian reference. That depends on who you ask. Some would say yes. I am who I am. Fuck labels and categories, I thrive on ignoring others. So farewell labels.

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