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Help or Fail

As I prepare to board my flight for a mini vacation, the usual drama seems to transpire. It is like clockwork that something unique , odd or peculiar must happen to me. So I have flown numerous times, worked at the airport and come super prepared; however, still something strange happens. I don't usually fly out of LAX because it is a headache. I rather work here than leave here. This is a fact. Anyhow, terminal B or Tom Bradley International terminal is where the headaches are at. Get to the airport smoothly to be told that I need to check my bag at terminal 4. Terminal 4 & 5 is for American brother works here. So I know. Duh! Here comes my issues with airport. Where is an American airlines flight leaving out of terminal B and does not provide bag drops? Seems idiotic! I will assume you agree because it lacks logic. So I know the ticket agent can drop my bag below the plane with no issue, this is where my problem begins. I am hoping or relying on good faith/ kindness to solve my proble. This is not wise, but here we are. The TSA agents (for the most part) understood and told me good luck. It was not their job to dissuaded me or assist me. No problem. I am fierce and on my own. At this point, we make it through to final step where our bags need to be scanned. Now I need you to understand 4 separate I individuals said good luck, bye, don't get paid enough (essentially) to care how this turns out. I am informed my bag is too large, I need to return to terminal 4 to check it, and DISMISSED. Now here is where my personality, likiability and persuasion can be an assest. In essence, I was not the champion of this tale. I had to leave my mom, mentally challenged uncle and go to a different terminal. After leaving TSA an dropping bags off. I realized, I left my passport with my mom and had no ID on me. Just my phone and my body. Easy to pass through security if I could. Had to wait for my mom to give to a TSA agent for them to let me through. Long story kinda short, explain your rules so this does not happen. I worked at airport. Also, I was prepared to go to terminal 4, so why once again does terminal B have flights for airlines where a passenger can not check his bag. Is there any reason one does not see why LAX is referred to as the worst airport in the world. There is a reason. It is valid. I am here with a tale that is 100% not necessary if it stated terminal B does not have baggage check for all airlines. Key phrase ALL airlines. This is clear. I get it. When I arrive to terminal B and see no major airlines. I am not made to feel stupid for assuming you ( the airlines) made clear what needs to occur proior to my boarding. Thank your for reading my wacky tale. As always, my misadventures make for interesting stories. Hence, the ideal career as a writer.

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