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Updated: Feb 24, 2021

This is a powerful topic. Writing a blog was personally a recommendation of a great friend, shot out to Brandon. You know who you are. It came with some tough love and much needed advise. Or, like I call it "calling Bullshit" or facing the mirror. Both these ideas lets the person reflect on who they are, what they are doing, and how they can change, if they so chose. I have an addictive personality. This is a fact. Drug addiction, alcoholism, and other forms of addiction runs through-out my family. I have always known this. Did it affect me? I just to say no, but that was a lie I masked with flattery and the ability to be a "functioning alcoholic". I have gone to work buzzed and thrived. I have never gotten behind the wheel and driven, as of late. I am over eleven years sober. No drinking! I am proud of myself. I saw a problem and faced it. This is difficult for so many people. It breaks my heart, You are not alone. We all suffer from some internal pain, but how we respond is individual. I won't get preachy, but if your behavior affects others, please consider the consequences. Taking a life can affect you, more so than just saying no to one more drink, or whatever you vice is. The world is beautiful, don't be remembered with farewells. That is something people I have loved and loss would value over anything else. A second chance, time with loved ones, children, and a way to enjoy the small things like the sun hitting your skin. Stay safe, don't let this pandemic take over your life. It like life, is temporary as are the ups, downs, and the moments in between.

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