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Invisible Pain

How do people see you? This is something I think about why too much. How I impact the world, who I help or the ripple affect of my actions and decisions. Each brings consquences, some immediate and others come later in life.

Always being asked for help. The ones that check up on others, but rarely do people do the same unless a phrase is given or some circumstances that makes your life flash accross their thoughts. I am on a never ending to-do list for others to help; help me with something.

When do I get a happy ending. A moment of peace. Some semi-semblance of tranquility? I know I am not selfish or quietly suffering, but please consider why I don't want to constantly help. Maybe, I need time off. Perhpas, I have my own personal crisis to attend to. Just because I don't broadcast my business, doesn't mean I am not waging my own internal war.

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