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Journal Entry

I wrote this a year ago. Not filters. Here goes.

Threats and anger filled me. This stranger refused to tell me where my beloved older brother was. He had invaded our childhood home while my mom was home. My other two younger siblings waned information. I was willing to play ball and leave him unharmed if he cooperated. I grabbed a old mop that had seen better days. I swung it onto his neck. That useless device was the perfect tool if needed. A weapon to defend my family if it escalated to that. My mom said let him go. We'll find another way. I trusted in her words. The years of wisdom. This stranger grabbed my mom and threaten her life. His arms cutted off her curated air-way. I told him, he made a mistake. I snapped the mop on his back which did not deter him. The mop had cracked, I took the broken mop, and jammed the pointed end in his neck. I withdraw it and let the blood pour as his life slipped away.

Okay, no idea why I wrote this. This never happened. Must have been one of my crazy AF dreams that I recorded immediately after waking. Well, hope you enjoyed.

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