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I remember going to school and love the idea of Pen-Pals. Writing a strange who could become a friend. This idea was great, mainly because this unknown person lived in a far away place. Something for someone who hadn't traveled yet, seemed magical. Now as an adult, I still love to travel to exotic and far away places. The only difference is I send letters, or postcards to friends, family, and loved ones on these journeys. I love to write letters. They give you a chance to speak without interruption. A skill that is dying and my friend Ashley says I need to work on. Thanks for calling me out and holding me accountable. This is a skill I am trying to practice more. To listen and be present. Allow the other person to speak, but that is another subject. This one is about writing and allowing my thoughts, feelings, and ideas to flow freely. Try it, and see how it works. As an adult, all we receive in the mail is bills and other adult stuff. Send a letter, write one with a kid and see the wonderment and joy; you can create. I love going to the mailbox and getting a letter. It is a welcome change of pace. Trust me and send one as a experiment.

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