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Liar and Thieves

This topic is something we have all faced at one point or another in our lives. It use to be that integrity and a person's word meant something. Perhaps it still does in small towns, or in places where monetary gain doesn't require exploiting individuals. People want to use you for their own gain and don't care if that meant someone else had a bad experience. This is my current situation when dealing with a AC repair company.

To be kind, I will not name names. I was told one thing when I had to go through the insurance company. When I was willing to pay out of pocket, details and pricing change immediately. Suddenly, my customer satisfaction meant a quick payday.

There is where the trust was broken and suspicious followed. One, is this how you do business? Two, what else can I not trust? Now, this requires fact checking and digging deeper into how you plan to solve my current predicament. Questions is where people do not have the knowledge.

I like to ask questions because when you dig deeper you gain the truth and learn where people are willing to bend the truth. I won't say lie, because I have no concrete evidence. One thing for sure, I want to know how? How something works? What are the benefits?Inquisitive minds want to know.

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