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Mood Booster

During lock-down, my anxiety has been all over the place. It has gone more places than I have. As you can see or read, I still have a sense of humor. Anyhow, one needs to do things or activities to stimulate a change in perspective or mood. I like to sing to music that calms and moves me to MOVE. Get out of bed, take a walk, give my dogs belly rubs, or simply change environments. That is a huge one. A friend was not being active and when he change this action by simply going outside. Fresh air is a cure. Believe me on that one. I love to be outside, so this lock-down has definitely stolen some of my power (free-will). Now I do things that I enjoy inside, such as writing. Ay, or cleaning. This burns major calories and keeps your place looking spotless. The one thing I really love to do these days is cook. Try out new recipes and make delicious meals, even if just for family members. This allows me to move, be of service, and smiling. Cooking is healing. If you don't believe me, try cooking something and see if you don't feel proud and accomplished afterwards. This is a skill that can make the self feel good. Try these, or tell me yours so I can try them. I am up for a challenge. Did I mention I am competitive.

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