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My Dream Theory

Dreamwalking. Dream projection. Astral projection. These words are not new to me. I have researched them each numerous times. Why? Some memories for me are like a reflection of a photograph. Others are like instant replay like on a TV screen. If you have seen the latest Marvel movie, you may share my theory. I also believe when we dream we share consciousness with ourselves. Here is a great example. While dreaming, I was a high school student. Looking within, I was popular, arrogant, and smart. Easy qualities I give to my characters. Great for a writer. Thanks. Haiku. I awaken with these lines after embarrassing a teacher. Drunk. Please do not grade our papers tonight. Ma'am. Clever and I did this in ten seconds. I don't know if you listen to rappers battle. They are quick on their feet. This seems to be where this skill lays. I also can tell you my secret how I achieved this. An Anchor, or mine, in particular. It can be a person, place, or thing from my understanding. I attribute this to joy and a quick attachment to something, someone, or someplace that can not easily be erased. Mine is Pepsi. Laugh all you want. I had a cup before bed. My body and soul are soaring like a person or creature in the clouds. During my sleep, I traveled to this place and carried with my a memory that so clear that I could say it was my own. Perhaps, it was for another version of me in the multiverse. This may sound absurd. I do enjoy mine and returning with creative tales, As a writer; growing up with books, many an artists can also share they are inspired from their dreams. Like the late and great Wes Craven asked, "What are dreams?" And still til' this day, why do we need them to function and why can we not isolate them for further studying.This is one mystery I know in my heart mankind will never solve. It is beyond our understanding. It is like the fabric of reality/ the multiverse requires this one thing. The atom or dreams of people to intertwine the worlds. But at last, this is just a theory and my personal belief.

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