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My favorite independent music artists

Let me start by saying I love these musicians. I am bias since most are m friends, but who gives a damn. They are talented. First, my bro Ryan Frailich. I went to school with this talented artist. My inner psyche called out to know this talented one. He radiates compassion with a quiet exterior but has some BIG emotions. I knew he was talented immediately, so of course I wanted to be his friend. His music like the others are on Spotify. Go listen for yourself.

Next, Camille Intson who I met while traveling Europe. To say we were instant friends is a understatement. We just got one another and her being Canadian was an added bonus. If you don't know I love most things Canadian, you don't know me. She knows how to rock an acoustic guitar.

The latest is Josh Barley. To say I am obsessed is small. His voice is great. The sound is the kind of mood booster I love to listen to. Something passionate and all bass. Blasting his music in the car is a must on any given day.

There are so many more out there. I will mention Gene Taylor. Someone who I think will go far. I am not the only talented one in my family. My skills are limited to cooking, writing, and traveling. ha-ha. My older brother Cam or Ron Compton. He has always stay true to his passion. Battling and knowing he has a gift that the world needs to hear. These are the people I suggest you go listen to if you need something new to try out.

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1 Comment

Apr 13, 2021

Good recommendations! Thanks for sharing!!

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