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My Ride or Die

This wild child I met back in my Target days. Or Tarj for ya that know. I always called it the Red Dot Boutique. People would be like where is that, so curious and intrigued. Target I got there first 😏😏. Lavish is all about branding. This is something that aligns with my friend and her current goals. Not just in life, her art, and now business. I am amazed at this woman and her talents. Birds of a feature. We flock to our group. She will go with me to clubs, bars, and parties. These have been few and fewer over the years but she still down for a good time. Wait, was that sexual? Well, she knows me and knows I keep it DIRTY! Yes, we are friends and over the years that has changed to family. I am thankful for her help, support, and love. Not a day goes by, that I am not grateful. Thanks Ms Rita as the streets knows you.

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