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My Serene Home

This is my eleventh time visiting Canada, and each time is so special to me. It is like coming home. I love Canada. Why? I have no idea, but I will be returning numerous times in the future. It is my definition of heaven. Perhaps my love of Canada started in high school when a friend mentioned Degrassi: The Next Generation. A lot of people know of this show now due to Drake being on it. He will always be Aubrey Drake Graham to me. Not because I know him personally, or the fact we have an old school selfie with a camera before cellphone cameras are the norm; just because I see him as a Canadian and not a international star.

Back to the point at hand, I love Canada. This is my third trip where it snowed. Once when I was flying home, so I missed it. The next time it snowed but dried so quickly, that I was not able to enjoy it fully. However, that time was still magical, but not the same as this one. Well, on this trip not only did it snow, but I was driving during the snow showers. That is a separate blog on what occurred. I am excited to see snow up close and personal in Canada. Yes, I have seen snow before and played in it. Not fun to me, those days have passed. During this trip, I happened to be staying at a Air B & B. My host name is Antonie. He is in the picture above.

One thing that can take some getting use to is the genuine kindness that the Canadian nation have towards others. I grew up in California so was weary of help from strangers who might have alternative motives. This all changed with return trips to Canada. Each time I have been shown kindness that renews my faith in humanity.

On this trip, Antonie simply was doing something that is his daily norm - plowing the driveway. It was my first time doing it and he kindly took over. This is something I accepted and have to remember he isn't trying to one up me (American thinking), but just a act of kindness. After this visit, I have another great story. My ability to praise Canada and Canadian culture is easy, something one has to experience for themselves.

People think traveling to Canada is expensive. I have taken direct round-trip flights for $309 (USD) to Canada (Vancouver) from LAX. It is not. Do your research. Go when you feel most comfortable. I like to go in winter seasons to see the magic of the Great White North.

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