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I have been feeling anxious about my success. It has plague my thoughts lately. Asking me constant questions if I were to become someone who dreams came true. Here they are so I can release the thoughts and overthinking.

1: Who influenced me? This by far is the easy question I can ever answer. A handful of people. Sadly I will start with those who have passed. John Hughes and his storytelling of teens in the 80's. My favorite decade and movie is hint- hint. The Breakfast Club written and directed by John Hughes. Next, Wes Craven. O.M.G., how many times was I scared to sleep and think of Freddy Kreguer. Well, I welcome him now because his dreams inspire me. Anne Rice who brought me sexually vague vampires when I was exploring my own sexuality. Clive Barker, Hellraiser and Candyman have made me consider what is evil and how do we define it. Is that definition universal or individual. Charles Dickens, the man who made be believe in a world of possibilities. Certainly not the least, but the one I can easily conjure to mind- Christopher Pike. His storytelling with a religious or spiritual meaning is monumental to me when I think of inspiration. Most of these people are authors, but there are so many others.

2: Who do I turn to for inspiration? Besides authors and writers, I can easily point to my angel Aaliyah. She is not exclusive for my inspiration but anytime I need a boost, her music is playing on repeat. Fueling my imagination and helping my muse flow.

3: Would I want to see my work turned into film or television medium? Yes, absolutely. I would be honored to work with anyone. When I think of collaboration, I can see the benefits from a different perspective. Kevin Williamson wrote the first gay male on male scene on Dawson's Creek, and I will always thank him for that. Peter Nowalk, how many times did I become enamored watching How to Get Away with Murder. Greg Berlanti is the obvious choice for anything fantasy, or Alan Ball. Let's make fantasy sexy. Marc Cherry, I love the witty banter of Golden Girls so duh, I am on speed-dial. The list goes on and on. I think of the writers and producers who create great content and would love to work with them all. Learning and working with each would be its own benefit.

4: Who do I want to see bring my characters to life? I can make a list from here to the moon. I will shorten it to five talented actors I have contacted and spoken to in the past and present day. Aimee Carrero, easily an underrated talent that presence can shine. Gilles Marini, when one thinks of stealing a scene- this dreamy man comes to mind. He is such a sweet and kind soul, makes numerous characters possible. Rosario Dawson is a powerhouse of talent. Sarah Paulson, need I say more. Ryan Murphy already stole this gem away. Working with him alone when be exceptional. My final pick is obvious, Jonathan Tucker. This man is the most versatile, method actor out there. There is a ton of talent out there, however, these individuals I have seen and applaud them.

5: If I had unlimited funding which project would I create first and why? This one is the most difficult to answer. I likely would go with All About Me: My Choice. It is a romantic story I wrote and felt so many mixed feelings over the years. One, it was trash. Totally not true. I am, my worst critic. It needs work, which it did. The ending sucked, which given time and distance - I was able to mend this problem. That is the thing about perspective. I love this story and the rich characters I created. They were some of my first creations outside of fantasy and them mean the world to me. I would make a show that I can easily do two or three seasons expanding their backstory, where they can go, and how far they have come just like me. Yes, in time, I have found my own work a gift. A hidden treasure that once looked at more in depth, gave exciting joy.

Thank you for reading my thoughts and experiences. Please share your own perspective.

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