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Puppy Father

This is Blue. He is a handsome 3.5 year old (date of photo). He had to go to a puppy spa so his daddy, me, can go traveling.

I have left him with friends and family, but never with strangers. This was my first time leaving him with people I did not know. He was not sad, I was. I felt like a parent the first time you leave your child somewhere.

Emotionally, I tried not to cry. Dogs can sense emotions. He was going to have a good time. I will see him soon.

Not really. A month without seeing his face. This will also be a first. I have a week in Greece on a family cruise. After coming home for several days, before two more trips that adds another 16 days.

I got this picture hours after I left. My child is social and adaptive like me. I don't know why I was so emotional, but I am. I will like this spoiled brat jump all over me once he comes home. Next year, blogs will be every three weeks versus every other week.

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