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Romantic Writer Inquiry

Every single time I get a new crush, my heart flutters and my wild and creative imagination goes on a rapagage. Is this the one? Will we have a meet-cute? In the end, I blame Disney. Where were the happy single people? Non-existence and a lot of people are solely focused on dating, romance or finding their partner. Nothing is wrong with this, however, discover yourself and go to therapy are my only advice.

My main point is dating does not need to be anyone's primary focus. Fall in love with yourself and the one you are meant to be with will come along. I travel. I write. I cook and have my own adventures. If I did start dating, I will not morph into a we or us, but an I that has an I. That's why it is call In-depedence. We crave it and go attach to another as if being alone is a crush. It is useful to help build character, self-worth, and show you what you can do.

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