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Siblings and Cousins

While watching Croklyn I was once again reminded how some cousins are closer than siblings, or can replace being a only child. I have six brothers so I don't need no extra siblings. However, I have to say I have always felt like the black sheep in the family. I like rock music, had a heavy goth phase that simply transformed into punk. L O L !!! I have a cousin who has some qualities that as I get older matter the most to me. Traveling which is our reason to be on this earth. To see beautiful things and have unique, one of a kind experiences. That is something that matters the most to me. She has the same determination, so kindred spirits in the same gene-pool. The other important quality that I love the most about her. Her love of family and strong financial ties to home-ownership. This is something I am learning about from my parents and still trying to navigate. One can grow from these things so this is something I am working on. To create a better version of myself that is driven and hard-working to leave a legacy from the next generation. I love all my siblings but we don't have a lot of the same hobbies. Being told my errors is a area I am still learning to accept. Did I put in every effort to make time for them? Such as, going out of my comfort zone into areas they enjoy. I use to, but as I got older I stopped trying. That is a major issue. Lack of trying or being afraid to leave one's comfort zone for the unknown. For someone with anxie

ty like myself, this is an area that needs some work.

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