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Sky's the Limit with Love

I saw this meme and could not help but share. It is in no reflection my thoughts or belief when it comes to love or romance. I am currently crushing on someone who is unavailable, that is all I will state on the matter.

As a storyteller, which seems more genuine to my writing style; I can picture a hundred romantic stories, which is why I als write romance novells. The idea of me finding my partner is a joke that everyone else is in on. I have hope that the promise I made to God will lead to the "one" that was sent from above.

Viola Davis said she prayed for her husband, I don't know if this person will be my soulmate, lover, partner, etc; but I am trusting in God to give me what I need when the time comes. He (GOD) always has a plan. She (GOD) knows best. Yes, my God is trans and like Angels does not care about gender or biological sex. Have you read my work? Why gender, sex, sexual orientation does not matter. God made us all to be beautiful and loved.

My entire point with this person I am crushing on, I made a prediction they would be available after the holidays. This is early January, so I am not waiting for the call, hey, I want you. Nothing in life is that simple. This is not my story (writing) where I know for a fact this person is ideal for me and I them, we just click.

In my mind, they smile when they see my name flash accross their screen. It is the same way for me. A partner that feels as deeply and passionate as I do. This is the faith I have. I will just be happy, but happiness comes from within.

What do I mean? We can not expect to be happy based off another person. All my therapists would be so proud. LOL!! I mean, I write and travel. My passions. I work, something to pay the bills. Doing good and planting seeds for my future where writing might be my future. I don't have a picture of how that will look, perhaps still with this blog. My point is, I am alive and happy - ALONE. There is no waiting for following your dreams, passions, and ambitions. You have to take a leap of faith and just go with it. This is what I do daily.

If this person is the "one" which I hope so, but not waiting around, it will be nice. Not because I predicted it, but what hope represents. Knowing in your heart when things are right. Having patience to wait. What I have learned about this person, they are a romantic too, which, I never realized I need that in my future. That hope, faith, and idea of action (s) to keep a partner. The work that people forget to put in.

I dont just write. I put in time and energy, but remember my priorities. Just hope my person is just as ambitious and passionate as I am.

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