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I signed off Facebook and Instagram for a month, failed due to starting this blog. It worried some and shocked others. I have an addictive personality, but a strong will. I wrote a blog about my addiction. I am able to be stronger for me now. I left behind so many bad habits that social media has always been my clutch. It is how I connect, but if you know me. I love to talk, write, and do others things. My phone is on 24/7, both of them. L O L! I can be reached by text, email, or good old fashion phone call. You don't have to wait into 7 pm either for those free nights, but I prefer written word of calls. Not that I don't love to hear your voice, it is due to the fact I might be cooking, writing, or playing with my fur-babies. I am happier because I so chose to be. I want to spend time writing, the blog is a daily or weekly outlet that a writer friend challenged me to last year. To make content daily, thanks James Wesley. I am working on this goal. I don't write like that, but perhaps I can try to more. I am fine, I am thriving but social media is not my main focus any longer. Or, for the time being. My goal is to write and leave behind my thoughts and feelings, more therapeutic and beneficial to my writing process (hopefully, fingers crossed). I am inspired my people, their motivations, but have not done the same for myself. Be my own advocate, so that is what this is. Time to unplug, create, and not make excuses. Thanks for caring.

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