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That Boat Life

It has been a incredible journey. I went to Europe twice now for my Christmas pre Covid. Now I am looking to go back. One thing I sort of didn't like, that boat life. That has nothing to do with the experiences. I just can't swim. Ultimate fail. My parents sent me so I dont know why it didn't stick. It is like part of my brain is missing memories and chunks of important details. Well, that boat life is awesome and something I been seeing a lot of people enjoying. I did enjoy the company and the memory I now have. Now, I have been asked to join my friends on a boat ride. That will be a separate post from this one. Just try new things. You might enjoy them more than you realize. Now, a special shout out to my dad who's birthday is Halloween. I am also excited for the Halloween movie I am sure to have already saw because I am obsessed with Michael Myers and horror movies in general.

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