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Therapy Journal

I knew I was different at the fifth grade. Dated to kiss a boy on graduation day. I kissed a boy and liked it. Katy Perry stole my life story and made it a song. Growing up religious I thought my family would disown me or through me out the house. We didn't discuss gay issues in either of my households. My parents never married and lived separate lives. I was seeing friends in high school coming out as gay and being left homeless. This is a issue that most 17 years old don't have to live with. I did. That was terremifying. I had distanced myself from loved ones. My family doesn't know my scars and pain. They don't see the internal damage of being in the LGBT community. The anxiety and depression that grew of self discovery. Acceptance in myself is hard and does affect my outlook on the world. I am strong and brave. These are words to describe how I see myself. I live in a world as a bisexual black man who has and never will belong. That is okay. I dont want to fit in. Being me means unique, brave and telling my story. I have no blame to place on others for how they were raised, their beliefs or how someone may look at mr by knowing my truth. At the end of the day, I am proud of me. That is were I am in life.

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