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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Deandre Dean

27th February 2021

Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading my latest blog post. I am going to share some exclusive personal details

about myself. How scandalous!! I am a Pisces. I have been writing since the age 17. I lost my

favorite artist, Aaliyah at a young age. She was an angel who I can and still do, put on repeat and

just let the pen flow. If I had a muse, she probably would be it. Sorry, Drake, you ain’t the only one

inspired by an artist before your time.

My favorite all time band is Three Days Grace. This goes along with the theme of the most

traveled place I have been, Canada. In particular Vancouver, which is so green and my version of

heaven. If you noticed I mentioned Drake, which is where I saw him weekly as Jimmy Brooks on

Degrassi. Am I a fan of Degrassi? Hell, mothafucking yes. I own all twelve seasons that were

released in America at the time where DVDs were and still are a thing for me.

That goes to my next point, I am a movie buff. I love movies! All things 80s especially. If you can’t

guess my now, my favorite movie is in the 80s. The Breakfast Club! John Hughes made my life

have purpose. I can break down a movie and tell you why I love it. How audience members

receive it and maybe, if I am lucky can gain audience members by telling the stories of people. I

people watch too. Not as pervy as it sounds, just watching the smiles of people. The small details

that distinguish one character from another. That is how I write, by observing the human


Was that personal enough? Well, I gave some details that I can and will easily discuss in random

conversations. Like people used to do in the early 2000s before cell-phones became nationwide

and public transportation meant making your own entertainment. I guess I am just social and love

to converse with others.

-Deandre Dean

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