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Update/ Post Travel Blues

My last post was heavy, but sometimes life does not have an easy cure all. One just needs to feel all the pain and let it be comfortable to push through. There is nothing wrong with how each of us handle stress, disappointment, or anxiety. Just make sure you are checking in and taking care of yourelf. This blog is my therapy, no filter; just raw emotions and thoughts.

During my early trip of the year, I made a change or more like made a goal of trying to tackle two projects that I have no knowledge of. One is collobrating on a project with others, both really, but it is a learning process and one I am excited for.

Sharing your experience can be frightening and exciting, which is the real scope of an artist, putting themselves out in the world. I open myself up to critism each time I share my work and I am okay with this. It (my work) can impact someone in ways I never thought imaginable. That is the beauty of art.

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