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Vaccinated and Traveling

One of the major reason I got vaccinated was to travel. When March 2020 lock-down hit, I was returning from visiting my cousin in San Francisco. I drove there so I was not in large crowds. It was a birthday gift to myself. I came home the day the entire state of California declared it a lock-down. Luckily, I had left at four am to be home by sun-down. Around six am, they shut the freeway down so I would have been trapped in San Francisco for who knows how long. Timing and fate have a interesting time-table.

From March to June, I barely left the house. I wore a mask everywhere I went and despises those who refused to comply. Once, I told someone to wear a mask. It did not end pleasantly and forewarned that some people are simply STUPID, I mean stubborn assholes! (*_*)

June hit and we did a drive by photo bomb of my only nephew graduating high school. A digital ceremony and a canceled prom. What in the actual FUCK! Reliving 2020 was rough on a lot of people. More so for the generation that lost the chance to celebrate life. No prom, no graduation, and college on-line is not experiences. They were robbed and we all know who to blame. If you don't, well that is your opinion and contact me individually why I think so.

The point is a photo that captures him getting a drive by diploma is pitifully. Summer hit and I was stir crazy. I took a drive to Utah. The rest of the year passed with no European trip and plans postponed. No cure in sight, no vaccine, an election was tearing apart the country and still we lived daily in agony.

A year has gone by. This birthday came and I didn't care. People had lost loved ones. We got hope back with Trump leaving office and Biden stepping in. I had no smiles or plans to see people. It rained on my birthday and personally that made me happy. I stayed home and watched movies curled up on the couch.

As March ends and I was productive. I think back to the hope of traveling. I took my first vaccine shot March 23rd and waiting for second so I can become a person. For me, that looks like traveling, even if to a new city and doing something new and exciting. That is where I am. Not regretting living because afraid I might die. As a black man, no where is safe for me. In my home or outside, so might as well do the things I enjoy and hope for the best. Pray and leave it to GOD. Fear can stop you from following your dreams and having a wonderful and fulfilling life. Not me! Trip soon to follow

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