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Visions from Above

I just had a profound dream. I dreamt of heaven. It was good. I felt so at ease. Te worry, stress, and doubt from a lifetime of hardships faded away. It was like a arc angel came and greeted me at the doorway of a foyer. The place had beaitful columns and arcs that I fell in love with at first gaze. The angel walked me to a pool and said you will know what to do. The angel left and I saw a few faces turn and smile. Their smile made me feel reassured. A small boy came over took my hand, said, you helped me in life and now I will return the favor. The boy went to the pool and jumped in. I stared and felt like I knew what to do. I had to make the choice to baptize myself by jumping into a pool and giving in and surrendering. I went to the top of the highest ledge and jumped in. Mind you, I can not swim. God told me you have to have eternal faith in the one above. I did as the water washed over my body and my spirit felt all the love and compassin that I shared with others throughout the years. This was my purpose. I followed my heart and I was being rewarded. When I woke, the peace and tranquility lingered and happiness spreaded all over my body. God's love is endless, never forget this.

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