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What Enzo Represents

Lorenzo Barryington, I can make up a character name in a flash. With no meaning or idea who they are. What they represent or stand for. In time, that character can be anything I want. For this guy, it was simple. The name was good, but stuff-y, hence the nickname, I heard the name in a show, Reboot. This is a animated 90's show that I watched on Saturday mornings. Enzo, easy to get from Lorenzo. The only issue is his background. Well, I love magic thanks to Dr Strange and Scarlet Witch in the Marvel comics. I never read comics, but the animated X-MEN show will do. Another Saturday morning delight. Enzo is a witch. Simple enough. Now I have a character, but why does he have magic? What is his lineage? Oh, lineage I like that word. Let's dig deeper. I came up with Torn Lineage. What a name! So I had to back-track with a witch who doesn't know his family. Easy. I had written about dozens of witches so why not a spin-off series based off the ideas and concepts I had from Cyrosphere. That was how I developed Torn Lineage. And from there I am writing a new set of stories entitled Devotion from his story. I can always do like Vampire Diaries to the Originals to Legacies. That is where I am at in my creative process. I am ending my version of the Originals and starting a new chapter in the saga/ universe. The only issue is I have written about angels, demons, gods, witches, vampire, etc. So now I am faced with going back to tell a piece of the story that wasn't mentioned. It is a interesting process, yet I am considering where I want to take my ideas from old story concepts that didn't fit at the time. I have had time, perspective, and most importantly; a new batch of friends to take creativity liberties with. Here goes nothing. Time to make new stories.

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