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Why Me

I look into your eyes

my heart begins to pound

why do you do this to me?

i can not change

i Have my sanity

You wear me down.

You tempt me,

You tease me

I pine and sigh

I want you!

No, stop

This is wrong

You are focusing on my lust and insecurities

Not me

I am not a dog in heat

You don't love me

I am a person-

whole and complete

Stop with the games

Can't take it anymore

I need you

I long for you

I will re-frame from your smile

I swoon.

I am falling

No, stop!

Temptation, I beseeth you

Leave me

Allow me to change

I am not your whore

Don't call me

Stop your arrogant, childish games

Allow me to love

I deserve it

Leave me, I cry

I cry, I grow

I grow and learn

And, now can smile

Without wanting you

I am me

I have grown

Life can start

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