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Work Changes

My transition from a Sales job to a Remote Customer Manager job was an interesting story, so it is time to share it. I started off in Sales with the freedom of a traditional schedule. That made it ideal for my other full time job caring for my uncle David. David is forever young and has the mind of a six year old.

So one day, killing it or still learning the ropes in Sales, David opened the door for a stranger. The only reason I know was having the Ring cameras. Thanks to technology. I had a decision to make it. Quit or figure it out.

Luckily, I looked online and found a job in the Customer Care department, working for Carissa. Carissa is an ideal supervisior and I thank God for her. She called me and we had a Google meet interview right after I sent a email asking about the job. We immediately hit it off. My background wa something that made me an ideal canidate.

That same day, I told my Sales boss. He said he would do anything to support me. Thanks Dane, it was and still is greatly appreciated. The next day, Tuesday, I interviewed with Carissa and Melissa, a former interview and killed it. Finally, Wednesday, I had a final interview with Angie, Carissa's number two. I was hired, but I got the offical call, the following Monday. Things have a way of working out when you have faith. Just remember this when you think you are alone. You are never alone.

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