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Work In Progress

I'd like like to say, happy birthday to my brother. He turns 33 today. Yeah. That was nice and aprt of today's topic. Improving oneself for a brighter and better tomorrow. This is a concept my brother has down packed and basically his life moto. I get it. One can not change if cluttered by the past. I started working out back when I wrote this blog. No big deal. In fact, I used to work at a gym and work out six to seven days a week, a minimal of a hour to two and a half daily. What happened? I moved. My priorities changed. I grew personally and now focused back on my physical body. Looking forward to the future is a sign of being currently happy in your present position, or at least I like to think so. I am happy what I accomplished in 2021. A blog, audio books, and a possible book fair. And that was only in the first half. Things I pushed myself to do and be proud of. Having no fear and letting life be lived fully, with no regrets. I keep saying it. It is important. I also have a trip planned. Hell, in a couple of days I will have another. Traveling is my bliss. Well that and writing, I want the future to have no limits. That is only possible if I dont limit myself. Keep working on yourself. One small step at a time. It is a marathon not a race. Pace yourself in order to achieve your goals.

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