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The Past

Never Spoken

All the things I've ever wanted to say, but can't. I leave here in this letter. Words can not describe my love for you. That is how...

Longing Desire

Sex with you is like a cosmic blast. I start off with a gaze. A lingering touch and ends with a kiss that ignites my passion. Selection...

Unknown Deals

My soul forever damned. From the howls of the earth. Sharp wits do not forgive thy debt. Paid in full, my will dispersed. No atonement...

Flawed System

Without names, these children go without answers. The biggest question for them all is why? You left me unwanted and craving attention....

N. U. You Sexy Man

I hold you in my arms. Tears fall down my face. Love grows in my heart. Pure joy overwhelms me. Happiness that my love grew after nine...

Taken From Me

Black as night. Reaching out without hope or destination. I am alone. Isolated and wanting another touch, hug, or kiss. The simple things...


The more I need you, the further you withdraw. You punish me for a mistake I made. Forever craving a tiny ounce of affection which you...

Love Thyself


Lost Poem

That's Me

Lunch Time Read

Odd Circumstances: The Play Scene One: She exited the taxi. Looking at the large apartment complex, she had to shield her eyes from the...

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