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Emotional Abuse

This was not intentional. I am arriving upon my 14th anniversary by quitting alcohol. I write my blogs months in advance, but the published day is near the celebration.

December 26th was the day I stopped drinking, but December 27th is when I usually honor myself due to the fact I think alcohol was in my system on the 26th.

I lost someone who I cared for deeply due to alcoholism. This is something I have had therapy for and am trying to let go. I was on a plane and I am always reminded it is easy to slip back into older patterns.

They offer wine on planes like nothing, especially in Europe. I declined. What if I had not. I am not a true alcoholic. Or, at least that is what I tell myself. Alcoholism runs in my family.

I am a functioning alcoholic. I can go to work and drink without qualms. This is no way to live, so I happily gave it up. It doesn;t bother me. I tell people I am in the program, because it makes them uncomfortable and I do not have to talk about the root reason I gave it up. Losing someone close to me.

In the end, I try my best each and every day to be a better person. This is not an exact science, but something I am happy about my decisions. Life is good. I have choices to do as I please. I choose to be sober. I choose to be happy. I choose life. Which is why I love to travel. It is my reason for being.

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